“Keep your eyes and ears open and never stop learning” Founded in 1974, SUHAIMI DESIGN, is a multi-disciplinary organization  with an experienced professional staff of architects and engineers.  PROTECOOLING is a new division started to provide consultancy  services to high-end HVAC projects. This division is operated by  experienced Chief HVAC consultant and necessary engineering and  CADD staff. The Chief consultant has a wide range of experience in HVAC and  other mechanical services. Whenever specialized experience is  required SUHAIMI DESIGN utilizes the services of its technical  consultants from affiliated companies locally or abroad.  Protecooling is dedicated in providing quality service. We endeavor to  deliver the optimal solution to every problem. It is this intent,  coupled with our technical expertise, which creates an added value  for our clients.  Introduction © Copyright reservered to SUHAIMI DESIGN - PROTECOOLING  2010 Protecooling.net softlanes.com
    Chief Consultant’s Message: I believe in doing things right and in a systematic & simple approach to solve problems. Mohamed R. Zackariah