Our Strength

Following are our core strengths and we add a lot of value in these areas:

Engineering Design & Analysis

  • Design of District Cooling Plant
  • Design of ETS
  • Design of major reticulation network / Hydraulic & Surge Analysis
  • Design for Saudi Aramco and other major clients
  • Design of Healthcare Facilities
  • Tariff Study and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Control systems – Design, Implementation support & Functional performance testing.

We consider this area to be a unique strength we have in our team in comparison to the market capabilities. We can basically participate from the design stage. Our strength will be prominently noticeable when we participate during inspections for functional performance testing and providing guidance to even major control systems solutions providers to implement appropriate solutions given the constraints of the project.

Third party review

We have previously worked for Saudi Aramco and some other clients as a third party review consultant.

Commissioning Process

We are promoting the implementation of commissioning process, which gives quality assurance in any project from the conceptual stage until final handover & operations and beyond. We have already performed the function of commissioning consultant for major clients including Saudi Aramco, King Saud University.