Energy Services

ProtecEnergy Division provides Energy Auditing and Implementation of Energy Conservation Strategies based on its past expertise in process based energy conservation background and by associating with a specialist in the field of Energy Auditing and implementation.

Energy services

  • In our unique energy management program, we undertake complete responsibly of managing energy at your facility. Our energy management program will help you in continuous monitoring of the energy consumption profile, identifying opportunities to save energy, and implementation of identified recommendations.
  • Reliability and condition monitoring is also a part of this program where power quality and condition monitoring is done periodically.
  • Energy Audits accounts for current usage of energy in various forms and identifies opportunities that will reduce energy consumption. Energy savings can be realized even before we leave the premises.
  • With the experience of multiple energy audits by our team leader, we have an excellent understanding of various processes and have carried our energy audits in almost all sectors. Our team leader has experience in buildings like shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices and IT sectors. In industries,we have covered all sectors; to name a few: automobile, cement, metals, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, power plants and so on.
  • Power Quality has become a very important issue for industrial and commercial projects as power consumption is on the rise. Poor power quality has direct impact on reliability of operation and affects productivity. Our power quality audits are not just limited to harmonics, we offer Total Power Quality Audits that cover all aspect of power quality like transients, flicker, sags and swells, voltage unbalance etc.
Our services includes :
  • Data collection through sophisticated instruments.
  • Analysis of data
  • Identification of problem and mitigation techniques
  • Design of mitigation techniques
  • Assistance / Implementation
  • Efficiency evaluation of pumping system.
  • Identification of performance deviation and recommendation for best efficient system
  • Identification of pumping control issues & implementation of optimum solutions
  • HVAC systems are major energy consumers in industries and buildings. HVAC system performance depends on a number of parameters; including the way the system is maintained in operation. This program targets at systematic evaluation of system efficiency and keeping all parameters under control to deliver optimum operation, to meet the demand, deliver comfort and conserve energy.